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Bayside Sniper is an easy-to-use and effective auction tracking and sniping program for eBay auctions. It is capable of placing bids at the last few seconds of an auction (Sniping) and also offers a variety of additional features that make bidding at eBay more convenient and efficient.

Adding Auction Items is Easy
Just click the Internet Explorer Toolbar button to add the auction item you are currently viewing or you can use the 'Auto Add' feature by copying the item number as shown.

A handy popup balloon (excluding Win98) lets you know that the item has been added and you can even tell the program to display the bid setup window to enter a bid after adding the item. Sound effects are also included to inform users of certain events.

As shown Bayside Sniper can minimize to the Windows tray and work in the background and still provide you with information and perform the needed  tasks while you browse.

Auction Item Photos

Bayside Sniper provides the user with item photos, just hover over the item name with your mouse pointer and the item photo will popup, press the space bar to freeze and copy the photo, move it around or zoom in on the photo for a closer view. Do the same for another item to compare photos. 

Feedback Analyzer

Have you ever tried to find feedback related to a specific item of a diverse high volume seller? If you have then you know it's a very time consuming task. Bayside Sniper now has the tool to make this task fast and easy, the 'Feedback Analyzer' will perform an analysis of the sellers feedback based upon the parameters that you set, within seconds the results will be ready to display. This feature is also available from the I.E. menu enabling use of this feature directly from the auction item page.


$ Think Green - Power Saver $

Don't like leaving your computer on all day or night just to place a bid that takes only a few seconds, well then this feature is for you, not only can Bayside Sniper save you money on your auctions now it can save you money on your electric bill as well. This feature when used with compatible  computer systems will enable you to place your computer into the sleep or hibernate mode, then wakeup a few minutes before bid time, place your bid and then go back to the sleep or hibernate mode until the next bid or just shutdown if there are no other bids. Built-in test mode helps determine which modes your computer supports.

As shown in the main window below Bayside Sniper also provides bid status color coding, special alarm feature to notify you of  item bid changes, shipping costs of the item, Intellibid bid groups with conditional bid group options, handy sort feature to sort columns or other item specifics, reserve price indicator and more.

Easy Bid Setup

Setting up a bid in Bayside Sniper is easy, for the typical bid the user need only enter their bid amount and bid time, the last bid time is remembered for the next bid. Item information and photos are displayed for the users reference. An option allows the bid setup window to be displayed after adding an auction item. The bid setup window also enables the user to setup any desired Intellibid bid groups at that time.

Included are these additional features:

Shipping Options

The Bayside Sniper program is provided as a file download. The download information and instructions are sent within 24 hours of payment.

Payment Options
  • PayPal
System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Internet Explorer 6.0 or Higher


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